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​Welcome to our website. The company was founded in 1950 by Knud Nisgaard. There are three co-owners nowadays: Kurt Nisgaard and his two sons Tommy Nisgaard and Torben Nisgaard. Our company works and develops in many different directions. We have our own approved export stable for pigs in Rousthøje and own quarantine for heifer. We also have mink production of 2,500 females. 

We are a company that keeps pace with achievements, our goal is to develop ourselves so that our customers will continue to find satisfaction in trade with us. 

We endeavor to maintain the personal contact with each farmer. At the pet store, we use the normal procedures in pigs and cattle trade. We attach importance to healthy and well-fed animals, health and disease prevention are also crucial for the individual producer.

We buy piglets, pigs, sows and breeding animals across the country.
We export pigs to Germany, Poland and Italy.

We export cattle to England, Russia, Germany, Italy and Poland

Kurt Nisgaard ApS • Rk Møllevej 1 A, 6900 Skjern • Tel.: +45 97 36 22